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Go beyond what you ever believed possible

Go beyond what you ever believed possible

In 2001, The Sporting Woman, the pioneer of women’s only sports stores in Cherry Creek North, created The Sporting Woman Community Fund as a way to support its community of women athletes. Even though The Sporting Woman left Cherry Creek North in 2006, the legacy remains. Since 2003, The Sporting Woman Community Fund has granted nearly $50,000 to women and girls in our community because we believe in the power of their dreams.

During 2014 and beyond, we intend to take this commitment a step further with a program called the Outside INitiative.  We are pleased to announce the operationalization of an idea to restore equal footing to women of lower socioeconomic status, or women who have experienced a disadvantage.  Research has demonstrated a number of barriers that prevent underserved and disadvantaged women from claiming a place in nature.  The Outside INitiative seeks to create a safe space, free from those barriers, where women may reclaim the notion that the outdoors belongs to each of us.

The mission of The Sporting Woman Community Fund is to provide financial and experiential support to women and girls who wish to participate in life changing dreams through sports or nature.