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Board of Directors

    RyanRyan Rae Harbuck joined the board of directors in 2012Considering herself a thirty-two-year old know-it-nothing, Ryan has spent every single day of her life learning and absorbing light and love from those around her. A car accident created an unforeseen alternate future nearly half her life ago.  Since then, she has raced a marathon, ridden in many an Indian rickshaw, sought solace in a small creek in her backyard, tried climbing and skating and anything else that seemed improbable.  She has stood up to the brutality of today’s youth through teaching and coaching, traveled across the country to swim, and learned to better understand her soul.

20141027_133208Lisa Taggart LPC MBA was one of the pioneers in the market of women’s only sports stores in the United States with the creation of The Sporting Woman in 1991. Since leaving The Sporting Woman in 2006, Lisa has traveled extensively all over the world, worked with women underserved by the resources in our community, and continues to be open to ways to partner with the enriching possibilities of nature.


IMG_0883Linda Williams  joins The Sporting Woman Community Fund board with a commitment to taking small steps toward big change.  She has degrees in business and environmental policy and has worked for Colorado State Parks, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.  Sporting, for her, takes the form of hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, and swimming.   As a twin, she has a deep belief in the magic of sisterhood and the power of women helping women.  Community is her passion; be it ecosystems, customer service, politics, yoga, volunteerism, friendship….  


Laura Buermann moved to Colorado in 2013 from Washington State with her family.  She has a degree in Business Economics and a CPA license with a background in nonprofit financial management.   She is an avid outdoors person who enjoys everything from wilderness backpacking to exploring the great parks and trails the Denver Metro area has to offer.