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The Sporting Woman Community Fund has grown from many requests over the years to provide material support and funding for the many endeavors women and girls have chosen to enrich their lives.  We want to help women and girls get out and do something athletic, stretching themselves beyond what they ever imagined possible.

The mission of The Sporting Woman Community Fund is to provide financial and experiential support to women and girls who wish to participate in life changing dreams through sports or nature.

Since 2003, as part of our Athletic Supporter program, we have given away over $50,000 to women and girls in our community because we believe in the power of their dreams. We have funded barrel racers and budding ice hockey players. We have supported high school tennis champions and karate athletes. We have co-sponsored Camp Discovery, for women living with disabilities, and athletes hoping to compete in the London Paralympic games. There are young women who have experienced mountain bike racing for the first time and others, whose dreams of shooting hoops, have been fulfilled through the support of The Sporting Woman Community Fund.  In 2014, we felt a great deal of pride about providing financial support to a woman challenging herself to take it to the next level in figure skating, and to offer mountaineering boots to another woman in her successful quest to summit Mt. Rainier.

In 2013, the Fund developed a curriculum called the Outside INitiative to encourage women underserved by the resources in our community to partner with Nature and learn about themselves from the outside in.

Make A Difference

Here's how:

Be an Athletic Supporter and offer your generosity to women and girls across Colorado.

A $200 donation can lead to a pair of mountaineering boots.

An $80 donation helps pay for an entry fee to a marathon.
Or consider the Outside INitiative....

A $15 donation helps to buy art supplies for the weekend

$35 buys a two meals and snacks consisting of healthy, organic food for one person

$50 helps to pay our highly skilled, culturally conscious facilitators to teach mindfulness to one participant over the course of a weekend and beyond!

$70 covers a night in a yurt for one participant

$75 helps to pay for a weekend of child care for one mom

$85 will pay for the transportation for one person to participate in the Outside INitiative weekend experience

Thank you!